At this very moment, we all are heroes – for unbeknown to us, we are saving innumerable lives by practising social distancing. With Governments all over the world playing a pivotal role in the same by imposing the much necessary lockdowns, everyone we know has secluded themselves within the bounds of their homes. Dealing with COVID-19 – the pandemic at hand, has been an eye-opening experience for us all – with our growth, progress, and advancement being brought under scrutiny. The unpredictable behaviour of the pandemic has led to the downfall of markets and gurus of the trade believe that a global recession is in order. In many ways, when all this is over, the world will have to begin again.

In order to minimize the damage, organizations are urging their employees to work from home and they too are adhering to the same. ‘Virtual’ has, in fact, become the common-place household term. People who are working from home are not only trying hard to get the job done but are also vouching to deliver their personal best. Brands on the other hands are cultivating approaches that strike a balance with the present scenario – with brand reputation management being the need of the hours, digital marketing agencies are pitching in their set of insights to steer brands in the right direction. The pursuit of – showcasing a brand, making connections, and building professional relationships – is still very much in vogue and LinkedIn is the very platform that comprises of essential features, that enable one in accomplishing the same.

LinkedIn features

For your consideration, here are a few valuable LinkedIn features that shall enable you to be at the top of the game and overcome the challenges at hand:

Your Profile

Let’s start with the most basic feature of them all. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all new professional relationships shall strike a chord and develop into being – online. Say, if someone wishes to check you out solely for professional reasons, your Facebook and Instagram profile won’t help the cause. They will google you and fish out your LinkedIn profile – what they shall witness on your profile shall compound to their first impression of yours. Hence, it’s advisable that you make that first impression, a lasting one. A sharp, well-updated, and active LinkedIn profile helps you accomplish just the same. So, prune it up!

Give Kudos

Ever heard of the LinkedIn feature titled ‘Give Kudos’? Well, it exists. Vocal of leadership qualities and relationship building, the aforementioned feature allows one to ‘motivate’ their employees and colleagues while they are working from home. Gratitude matters and the post menu of LinkedIn provides one with the option of celebrating a teammate. Since, you have now become familiar with this feature, a little ‘praise’ for your team should be in order.

Active Status

The tiny green circle at the bottom right of the headshots of your connections indicate their active status. It is well-recommended that during your organization’s work hours, all your employees tend to stay online and indicate it so via their active status. Such online presence ensures quick conversations that comprise of essential discussions and apt responses.

Active Status

Find an Expert

‘Work from home’ is a tedious task. Period. Hence, there are innumerable times when you and your team shall discover that you’re stuck and there’s no one around who can provide a solution for the problem at hand. LinkedIn’s Find an Expert feature makes your task easier when all your team is working remotely. It tends to reel out recommendations for resources that might come in handy, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of your organization.


Still in its Beta phase, this feature of LinkedIn might not be available to everyone at the moment. The ‘teammate’ feature allows you to access updates from all your team members and also manages work anniversaries, birthdays, posts, shares, and comments. It helps you organize your team by adding managers and their respective team members – hence putting a rest to clutter and paving way for a new organizational paradigm.

LinkedIn is an ocean of opportunities as well as features. Hence, while you work from home, keep exploring, keep yourself engaged, and be productive.

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