Social media agencies use various social network platforms to convey their messages of the latest works and highlight their achievement. Often these agencies use platforms like Instagram to share the creativity. One can get the updates of company meetings, boutique openings, office parties, projects, and works of these media marketing agencies on Instagram.

Know about the latest feature of Instagram

A lot of new features are introduced by Instagram for new generation marketers. From Instagram shop upgrades, user experience tweaks to new ad formats- many changes are there in February 2021 for Instagram updates. One needs to be updated with these latest updates to make optimal use. 

Know about the latest feature of InstagramInstagram is switching up their algorithms and changing features constantly to keep the 21st-century people on their toes! Below are some of the most relevant updates recently made by Instagram.

1. Professional Dashboard For Creators And Businesses Added By Instagram

People who belong to the creator or business community may access the professional dashboard. Some of these features were there earlier too. Nevertheless, the dashboard is solving a grand purpose by making them accessible to many. 

One can use the dashboard from the top section of their account pages. Instagram is working to surprise its users every time. They tackle business issues in these challenging times to support the brands. A social media marketing agency gets benefitted in many ways due to these changes. These are about,

  • Tracking the performance
  • Growing the business
  • Staying informed
  • Providing a mix of tools, analytics, and insights

2. Showing Instagram Stories In A Vertical Feed

Instagram developers from various digital marketing agencies are testing to reorient stories into a vertical feed instead of an erstwhile horizontal news feed. Viewers had to swipe left earlier, but now, they need to swipe up to view the latter story. This experience is akin to TikTok viewing or Instagram Reels. 

Showing Instagram Stories In A Vertical FeedThose who use Snapchat must have heard of a similar feed called Spotlight. However, the changes are not final. The reorientation can make further changes to the Reels tab or in the integration of stories. However, Instagram is working to find an option for people to access links. 

3. Updates About Instagram Removing Options To Share Stories To Posts

Instagram is all set to explore the removing ability to share stories to feed posts. However, this option is not applicable in some markets where Instagram is verifying the differences in engagement. 

According to the survey conducted by Instagram, it is found that the community market users are interested in viewing a fewer number of posts in stories. The Instagram statement also suggests that people like original photos and videos of their near ones in the Story section. Instagram has made this change to know the reaction of people and improve based on their experience. 

Instagram has another update in the queue. It is also working on adding tweets from Twitter to Instagram. So very soon, people are going to enjoy this feature too. 

4. Updates About The Recently Deleted Folders 

Instagram is a repository of millions of posts that include photos and videos. Some people want to reconsider their deleted posts. Sometimes, they lose their content removed by hackers. In its recent updates, Instagram puts the options to restore photos, reels, videos, stories, IGTV videos within 30 days. 

It is an effortless step to follow. Using Settings> Account> Recently Deleted, the users can now restore the deleted ones in seconds.  

All these updates are available on the official Instagram blog. For any recent update, one can subscribe to our newsletter and get the following Instagram updates directly to one’s inbox. 

Why Use Instagram?

Social sites connect and rebuild the bonds amongst users, and platforms like Instagram help people develop their brand awareness and launch new products. A recent study reveals that around 80% of Instagram users have made their purchases from this platform.

Why Use InstagramThe good thing about Instagram is it allows people to promote their products and brands in an authentic and friendly way. There is no hard selling to customers, unlike traditional promotional events. Digital marketing agencies can engage in Instagram strategies to maximize their ROI (Return On Investment) and profit.

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