ASO (App Store Optimization) Yay or Nay? Get the solution here!

Mobile apps are not just mere electronic applications, but today in this full-fledged digitally fast-forward world, they have become a way of life. Marketers have leveraged the absolute potential of ASO, thus, acquiring millions of customers for your brandโ€™s application is easy plus effective at the same time! Nowadays, the aggressive competition of ranking your brandโ€™s application on top of the search engines has become a thorn bump in the online marketing world. And, you definitely desire your brand to stand out from the rest, right? Well, we have got you covered! 

The app store optimization (ASO) is divided into two parts: 

  • Optimizing the app page
  • Optimizing the search page 

The higher your business ranks on the SERPs, the more you unravel your brand in the eyes of your potential users. But, in case you arenโ€™t aware of how to get started with ASO, simply opt for app store optimization services where experts will assist you in ranking your website and app on Google or other search engines like a boss. But, before getting started, you shall know about the basics of ASO. So, keep on reading. 

Do Thorough Research 

Do Thorough ResearchBefore launching the app, conduct market research, understand your target audience’s requirements and habits. Don’t try to appeal to everyone; instead, tailor your app to the unique needs of your customers. If you’ve just released a game, look at comparable games and their players. 

Research Checklist 
  • Research Checklist Language– In what language do your users communicate?
  • User– What prompted the user to download the app? Define the demographics, interests, and lifestyles of your potential users.
  • Social Proof– How would a user describe your app to its family and friends?
  • Competitors– What distinguishes your app from the rest?
  • Keywords– Which keywords do your competitors use and how easy/ difficult is it to rank those keywords?
  • Keywords ranking– How your keywords are doing their job whether using long-tail or short-tail keywords on the search engines. 

Make sure you always put yourself in the shoes of users to perceive the actual need your users are seeking! It would make your app store optimization building experience a hell of a lot easier! 

Choose Relative and Appropriate App Name 

The name of your app should be a combination of a catchy name and keywords related to your app. Longer titles will be shortened, so the user will only see the first few words of your app’s title in the search results. Also, did you know that App Store titles can be 255 characters long? This implies you can utilise a lot of keywords and phrases. However, don’t bombard your prospective users with using irrelevant words. 

Keyword Optimization 

Now, here comes the role of keyword optimization! When it comes to App Store Optimization, the App Store and Google Play use different techniques. In the App Store, you have given a 100-character keyword field, hence,  your app’s ranking in the search results will be determined by how relevant the keywords are to the search query. 

Keyword OptimizationOn the other hand, there is no defined field for entering keywords in the Google Play store. App Store Optimization on Google Play is more equivalent to modern SEO. Google Play considers every textual element in an app’s description. On Google Play, developers must fill up three fields: name, a short description and lengthy description. Some people recommend including keywords in the brief description and the creator name and URL/package. 

App Description 

Aside from including a few keywords for mobile app promotion, the description of your app should be reaching your targeted user. It should entice the user to download the app and explain what it does. The description should be brief and easy to comprehend. Also, a client would most likely view a few options before selecting which app to download. The first three sentences should be attention-grabbing. There is a category called “similar apps” in the Google Play store, which is not to be confused with the related apps advertisements area. While developing a description for your app, think of your appโ€™s USPs that would gravitate users to download it. 

Narrate App Stories via Screenshots 

The screenshots are the first thing that customers see when they open your app, so they should be communicative enough. The user can only view the first 2-3 screenshots when the page loads, so pick wisely. For instance, you can utilise screenshots to demonstrate your app’s USPs, its benefits, and explain thoroughly how to use it to generate higher conversions. 

Optimize App Promo Video to Boost Organic Reach 

If you genuinely want to grow your app user base, start optimizing your app promotional video on the app store or google play. Under the app promotion video, include the USPs of the app to drive more traffic and increase downloads. Make sure your app promo video is visually engaging and compelling. When it comes to video length, keep it under 30 seconds to define your points without making it boring. 

Benefits of a Good Promo Video 
  • Drives more user traffic
  • Boost user engagement with the app
  • More conversions 

Finally, keep in mind that your aim is to persuade users to install the app, so the best advice is to include a CTA at the end of the marketing video. 

Encourage Users to Rate Your App and Give Reviews 

Have you ever experienced interruptions while playing a game with a pop-up about rating the app you used before? It undoubtedly irritated you when it first appeared, but the quickest method to obtain reviews from your consumers is to ask them to rate your app. But be careful, Apple has very explicit App Store Reviews Guidelines. If you try to deceive your customers or manipulate ratings, your apps will be deleted from the store. Having excellent ratings will have a favourable influence on everyone looking at the app page in the app store, and it will eventually drive the download of your app. 

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