Summer Retargeting Strategies: Performance Marketing for Summer

With the rising temperature and summer holiday plans of people, businesses need to gear up and intensify their marketing efforts to turn up profits and maximize their revenues. The onset of summer brings a pool of opportunities for e-commerce businesses to drive maximum sales. This blog rounds up the three most effective retargeting strategies for summers that even the best performance agency incorporates to help boost their client’s revenue: cart abandonment, cross-sell and upsell, and dynamic product retargeting. 

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Cart Abandonment and Retargeting By Using Tracking Pixels and Cookies

This proves to be a common problem for online retailers, as researchers show that about 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. Equally, it proves a great opportunity for retargeting. Tracking pixels and cookies will assist you in knowing the users who abandoned their carts, after which you may target them with personalized ads that will make them go back and complete that purchase. Cart abandonment retargeting is very useful during the summer when people are rather inclined to look around for their needs for vacations or seasonal items. For example, suppose a customer had added swimwear to the cart and not checked out. In that case, one may well show such a customer ads with different kinds of swimwear or accessories, probably with a great discount on the hottest items in the store this summer to reel into the purchase.

Cross-Sell and Upsell can Help in Getting a Higher Average Order Value

Cross-selling and upselling help to get an average order value, and thus a higher value can be derived from customers. Particularly in summer, cross-selling and upselling are very useful because mostly things that are relevant to each other are bought by people and in bulk. For example, if a customer buys a beach towel, you can retarget them with beach umbrella, sun hat, or sunglass ads. For example, in the case where a customer has bought a basic skincare product, further targeting could show him ads on premium sunscreens or on after-sun lotions, with their benefits in upgrading the purchase for better protection or care during the summer period.

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Dynamic Product Retargeting

With dynamic product retargeting, the personalization factor would go a notch higher, showing the user ads of the actual products they were browsing through on your website. In other words, show users the products they had shown interest in, including personalized recommendations based on the user’s browsing activity. These are all perfect for summertime but are also exactly the moment when dynamic product retargeting can be quite effective with consumers who are more likely to be shopping for specific items like swimwear, patio sets, or travel gear. For instance, if a user checks out some specific model of a beach chair on your website but doesn’t purchase it, then you can retarget them with ads of that exact chair—maybe with an offer that’s close to expiring, so it creates urgency that they are about to miss out on something big.

Seasonal Promotions and Limited-Time Offers

Show your seasonal promotions or limited offers, as this is the peak period in which such a sense of urgency could be working best for you. With retargeting ads, show the benefits of their offer and reasons that it’s perfect for summertime. It could be a discount on summer clothes, a special deal in outdoor furniture, or buy one get one free ice cream—make the special offer pop, compelling the customers to take action before it expires.

Engagement Retargeting

But more than driving for direct sales, summer can be a great time to focus on engagement and brand loyalty. Get customers to follow on social media, sign up for a newsletter, or host summer-themed contests or giveaways with the help of retargeting ads. Stay top of mind with your brand, and stay in conversation that builds a deeper, more enduring relationship with your audience—stretching well past the months of summer.


Summer is the perfect time when a performance marketing agency aides their clients to implement retargeting strategies with the aim of increasing audience engagement and driving sales. Whether it’s the cart abandonment retargeting, cross-sell and upsell techniques, or dynamic product retargeting— these agencies can help you create personalized and appealing ads, that would resonate with your users to make a purchase. So don’t let summer heat slow down your marketing efforts. Use these retargeting strategies to continue making those sales and get this summer season to count as your most successful one yet!

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