5 Essential Tactics for Brands to Prepare for Festive Season

Festive seasons and events are landmark moments for brands to increase their revenue and connect with their target consumer base. As an Amazon ads verified partner, we are sharing some of the crucial tactics for brands to be ready for the festive season of 2024. In this blog, we will talk about what brands can do this festive season and also the steps that a performance marketing agency can adopt in its funnel with the aim of propelling its clients to greater heights.

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Three Phases of Festive Season
1.Festive Lead-Up

Considering the fact that festive shoppers start their journey before the actual season kicks off, this is a period of engagement followed by amplification. According to Amazon’s industry insights, 42% of festive shoppers indulge in research and discovery of products within this pre-event phase. Brands that can take up interest and circulate value addition information can boost visibility and consumer recall by a multi-fold once the sales finally open.

Strategies during the festive lead-up – Utilize targeted ads and customized content that caters to the anticipated needs and preferences of the shoppers. Adopt informative content strategies such as blogs, buying guides, and feature articles that help consumers make informed decisions.

Aim during festive lead-up – During this stage, the aim is to drive visibility through premium slots on gateway pages with sponsored display ads. The aim is to make sure that the brand’s products come under the limelight before the sale can commence so that potential buyers can make considerations.

2. During Festive Sale

Marketing should start at early stages to capture the research phase of a consumer. This is the peak moment of consumer activity; 58% of all the visitors include the products in their cart. Make good use of targeted advertising and personalized content to fit the buyers’ expected likes and preferences. You must employ strategies with informative content in the form of blogs, purchasing guides, and feature articles to help customers make smart purchasing decisions.

Strategies during the festive sale – Your product listings should give a great user experience with clear images, detailed descriptions, and an easy-to-navigate checkout process. Flash sales and deals combine the flexibility of mix-and-match offers with the urgency created by time-limited and exclusive deals.

Aim during festive sale – When the sale is live, consumers are either making purchases or planning to make a purchase. The aim here is to drive considerations and conversions through relevant sponsored ads. Another strategy that works during this stage is the incorporation of sponsored display ads with creatives and video campaigns.

3. Post Festive Sale

The post-event engagement is the critical success factor, with 12% of the festive shoppers most likely to return for subsequent repeat purchases. The emphasis has been to extend the lifestyle of consumer interaction beyond an event and forge long-term relationships.

Strategies during the post-festive sale – Brands can use follow-up marketing campaigns to re-engage customers by informing them of related products and upcoming deals. They can also implement a system to gather and analyze feedback from customers to refine the strategies in the future and grab loopholes.

Aim during the post festive sale – During this stage, the sale has ended and this is exactly where brands can start re-targeting shoppers and potential shoppers with sponsored display ads so as to drive more conversions.

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FOUR Pillars of Growth

To grow successfully through the stages, there are four universal growth pillars that brands have to focus on:

  1. Customer Acquisition: Good outreach at this high-traffic event would be an opportune time to bring in and convert new customers.
  2. Drive Brand Loyalty: Work on retaining customers through an excellent post-purchase experience and loyalty programs.
  3. Continue Advertising Post-Festive Season: Advertising even after the festive event to capitalize on the high rate of brand recall. This way, consumers will keep your brand at the back of their minds, and this may prompt them to go back to your brand for a subsequent purchase.
  4. Engage with your customers and potential customers: Stay open to the dialogue of the community that is around your brand by using social media, email marketing, and responsive customer care.

The idea is to not only prepare for a festive event but also be festive-ready ahead of its commencement, throughout the season, and even after the season. As an Amazon verified partner, we believe that being ahead of the game is the crux of capitalizing during the festive season. If brands master these pillars and strategies, then they can realize their revenue goals and scale their revenue to greater heights and this is how they will survive the competitive marketplace of festive season sales during 2024.

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