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YouTube, in addition to being one of the most popular social media sites, also holds the distinction of being the world’s biggest platform for advertisers. With more than one billion users, the site is accessed by more than one-third of the entire global population of internet users, which naturally makes it a platform of choice for businesses to promote their products and services.  YouTube advertisement campaigns can help business organizations tap the vast potential offered by this platform and extend their market reach in a more effective manner.

Best Strategies For Advertising On YouTube

YouTube offers a wide choice in terms of the types of advertisements that can be used by online reputation management companies to fulfill business promotion expectations of their clients. Discussed below are some useful strategies that can help beginners to launch and optimize such video ad campaigns for their clients:

Have A Clear YouTube Advertising Campaign Objective

Online marketing professionals should establish a clear objective of the advertisement campaign they intend to run for their clients. This helps them determine the types of ads they need to run and choose the best placement options for these ads. The objective should be based on what the clients desire to achieve and the type of audience they intend to target through the ad campaign.

Defining The Target Audience

Professionals running YouTube ad campaigns need to define the type of audience they intend to target with their campaigns. Having a clear understanding of this aspect makes it easier for them to determine the content of the ad, its length and its placement position with the assurance of getting the best results. Professionals would be required to conduct a bit of research to identify the target audiences for their client business and use the data and information provided by the clients for compiling such lists.

Establish A Budget, Schedule And Bid Strategy

It is important to establish a budget, schedule and bid strategy for an YouTube ad campaign to garner the best results. It enables marketers to decide the best format, length, and payment for ads. It is especially important to get the bidding strategy right as it can directly impact the effectiveness and ROI of the campaigns. Contrary to popular belief, YouTube ad campaigns can be run efficiently and with the assurance of best benefits within a limited budget.

Select An Appropriate Ad Format

As mentioned before, YouTube offers a wide choice of options in terms of ad formats based on the campaign objectives and length of ads. The most popular of these formats are as follows.

  1. True View Ads: Help in creating initial awareness about a business and run before, during and after a video.
  2. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads: These ads of generally 6-12 seconds maximum duration, cannot be skipped by the users and hence ensure a higher ad-view metric.
  3. Bumper Ads: These ads of maximum 6 seconds duration, can be skipped by the users and are suitable for warming up an audience for ads in True View or Non-Skippable format.


Decide The Best Placement Positions


The professionals offering performance marketing services also need to pay attention to the proper placement of ads for ensuring maximum views and higher click-through rates. The three available ad placement options are as follows.

  1. YouTube Search Results: This option is available only for running discovery ads and should be unchecked for all other types of ads.
  2. YouTube Videos: A majority of ads are run in this placement position as they offer the best value for money along with higher views.
  3. Video Partners on the Display Network: This option is suitable for running ads on the partner sites of YouTube and despite being inexpensive, they offer appropriate results.

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