What if you could earn money, even while sleeping?

Believe it or not, but that’s the whole concept of affiliate marketing! Instead of struggling with the monotony of a mediocre rat race to earn a few bucks, now you can get money with “clicks”. 

Yes, you read it right! Gone are the days when your hard work was appreciated with petty cash. Now, the scenario of money-making has all changed with technological advancements, and Affiliate Marketing is your knight in shining armour. You can push your brand/ business/ startup online on the search engines and generate profit in the competitive world with the best services of affiliate marketing agencies in India

So, let’s get started and understand the real meaning of affiliate marketing, its functionalities, benefits, and how you can start with this tactic in 2021. Read on to know the answers to your queries because we have got it all covered for you. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is an online marketing method through which an affiliate earns a commission whenever a consumer buys a product or service via the affiliate link. This marketing tactic works between the seller, affiliate (advertiser), and the consumer.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How Does Affiliate Marketing WorkAffiliate marketing works by disseminating the duties of product marketing and production between parties. It manages to leverage the abilities of a diverse group (mostly influencers) for a successful marketing approach while rewarding contributors with a share of the profit. In affiliate marketing, there are three different parties which are involved such as- 

  1. Seller 
  2. Affiliate (advertiser)
  3. Consumer
The Seller

Sellers are the initiator of affiliate marketing. They could be a solo entrepreneur, a vendor, or a product creator with a product to promote. The products could be anything from household goods to makeup supplies. However, sellers do not need to actively participate in marketing, but they are the advertisers and can earn revenue from associating with affiliate marketing. For instance- The seller could be an E-commerce advertiser who has launched a dropshipping business and wants to attract a new audience by paying affiliate networks to advertise their items. 

The Affiliate or Publisher

The affiliate or the publisher promotes the advertiser’s products via an affiliate link and persuades the customers to make a purchase. If the product is bought, the affiliate earns a share of the revenue made. Affiliates often promote to a highly specialized and targeted audience conforming to their interests which allows them to attract consumers who are most likely to act on their campaigns.

The Consumer

Consumers are the ultimate drivers of affiliate marketing. When a customer purchases a product, the vendor and the affiliate split the earnings. Sometimes, the affiliate opts to be open and honest with the consumers, stating that they are compensated for the sales they create for more transparency. 

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get PaidThe affiliate receives earnings in three different ways. Let’s understand them one by one.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – This scheme encourages affiliates to send customers from their marketing platform to the merchant’s website by clicking on ads. The affiliate gets compensated depending on increased online traffic.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) – This is the most common affiliate marketing method. The merchant pays the affiliate a portion of the product’s sale price once a customer acquires the product as a consequence of the affiliate’s marketing strategies.
  • Pay Per Lead – It rewards the affiliate depending on the conversion of leads. The affiliate must encourage the customer to visit the merchant’s website and do the required action, which might include signing up, subscribing, downloading, filling out a contact form, etc. 
Why opt for Affiliate Marketing?
Passive Income

While any “regular” employment needs you to be present at work to earn money, Affiliate Marketing allows you to earn, anytime, anyplace. When you invest an initial amount of effort in your campaigns, you will see continuous returns as customers purchase the goods over the next several days and weeks. Eventually, this helps you to develop marketing skills. 

Work From Home

If you despise going to work, affiliate marketing is the ideal answer for you. While working from the comfort of your own home, you will be able to run campaigns and earn income from the items that sellers generate. You can accomplish this work without getting out of your pyjamas ever. 

Less Hustle More Rewards

You work for 80-hours per week and still make the same amount of money. Affiliate marketing is entirely reliant on your results. What you put into it is what you will receive out of it. Improving your review abilities and creating appealing campaigns will result in immediate revenue escalation. Hence, you’ll finally be compensated for your excellent job!

Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Bloggers- A blogger reviews the product or service and then writes a detailed review on their websites to promote the brand in a compelling way to drive traffic to the seller’s site.
  • Influencers- Since leading with a good organic reach and following, an influencer holds the impact of purchasing decisions of its audiences. They are mostly active on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, where the brand partners with them to promote their products or services to its audience for sale generation.
  • Emails- Some affiliates leverage the power of emailing by including hyperlinks to the products. So, if a user clicks the email, they’ll be automatically redirected to the product page. And, if they purchase it, then the seller earns a commission or revenue. Example- E-commerce emails like Ajio, Myntra, Amazon.

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