The media platforms have evolved! Drift from the conventional print media has been observed, outdoor ads and older obsolete forms to the new-age digital media like social media and search engines! Along with the changes, came the need for accurate media planning to strike the right impact. If one wants to achieve goals and make mountains move, proper strategies and plannings are needed to be carved out. This can be efficiently done by media buying experts from digital marketing agencies. 

Digital media has seen massive growth, and the spending on digital ads have witnessed phenomenal figures. The amounts are much more than what people used to spend on the traditional forms of advertising. Among all the digital mediums, video and digital audio have managed to grab an enormous chunk of the total online campaigns’ budget. The social paid advertisement comes to a close parallel of the podcasts and music streaming. 

With smartphones becoming the new best friends of the people, mobile ads have shot to fame and have garnered almost 75-80% of online sales. The statistics and data are not just surprising but have been backed by the research team of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). With such massive financial stake involvement, it becomes necessary to involve a digital media buying agency for result-driven outcomes. 

The Need of Media Planners 

Media Planning may seem insignificant and straightforward to many, but it has broader aspects and is the deciding factor for your campaigns’ success or failure. Just running online ads and enormous marketing spending is not enough until you make sure that the messages reach the right audience and at the right time. The digital marketing services in Gurgaon are the ones that ensure that your media campaigns deliver the desired results and your brand becomes the talking point of the town.Media PlannersThe experts know all the components of successful campaigns and have extensive experience with versatile digital media platforms. They can fuel your branding with the proper technique and develop the correct tactics for a sure-shot result. A good media buying agency determines the following factors: 

  • Who Your Audience Is?
  • What Messages Are Relevant To Them?
  • What Should Be Your Marketing Budget?
  • What Are The Conversion Goals For The Audiences?
  • How To Establish The Success Metrics?
  • How To Select The Right Media Platform?
  • What Should Be The Frequency Of Message Delivery?

So, if it’s owned media, earned media or paid media, you are sure to taste success. 

Effective Strategies Adopted by Top Digital Marketing Services Gurgaon 

Media strategies are crafted keeping several factors and determinants in mind. The marketing agency studies your industry and takes your goals into account, and comes up with customised plans for you. Some noteworthy strategy building tactics are discussed underneath: 

  • Selecting The Right Media Channel

With omnichannel platforms to showcase your campaigns, it becomes vital for the media buying agency to select the right channel for you. Some popular digital channels are search engines, emails, websites, and social media like Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. Lots of demographic factors are considered before a broadcast channel is selected for your campaigns. The audience’s age, gender, location, economic status, and other elements are crucial considerations. 

  • Timeline Relevancy is Vital

The campaign must reach the audience at the right time. So the calendar of events, publish dates, products/services, message goals, and resource backup plays an essential part. The intensity of the campaigns decides the days for planning and execution of the same. Aggressive planning is fundamental for a successful campaign. 

  • Multichannel Media Coordination

It rarely happens that a campaign is run on just one media platform! The digital media buying agency usually includes two or multiple channels mixes to trigger the exposure and impacts, and make it reachable to the maximum audience. The cumulative effect of all the digital platforms decides the success of your campaign and impacts your ROI. 

The choice of the media platform depends on several elements such as the industry/sector you are related to, the target audience, your budget, the frequency of the ad pops, etc. The campaigns’ timings and tone across platforms may differ, but the end goal remains the same. 

  • Appropriate Audience Targeting

Maximum campaigns are a failure just because of the wrong choice of audience and inappropriate filtering. Although a campaign has excellent content and has been designed by the best team, incorrect audience selection may not do justice with it. So leveraging the correct opportunities through correct analytics becomes necessary. For a better strategic move, several critical elements like the audience persona (age, gender, location, profession, hobbies, and personal choices) can be derived. 

Appropriate Audience TargetingThe digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon figure out the most frequently visited channels by these target audiences, and after that, decide on the suitable media channel. Only when you strike the right notes can you fulfil the desired missions. 

  • Campaign Frequency

Media reach is a vital metric that is related to the audience who are served the content. The number of viewers/readers among the target audience and the frequency level at which they can see the campaign over a specified time period helps in the faster accomplishment of goals. The higher the frequency of your ad views, the more the cost incurred and subsequently, the higher would be its impact. The setting of the campaign frequency does not exist with the traditional forms of marketing, which makes online marketing stand out. 

  • Choosing The Right Message Voice

The ‘Voice’ here is not taken by its literal meaning, but it denotes the tone of the campaign, the word construction and sentence length in-text notes, choices of colours and graphics in visual media and the choice of content as per the campaign requirement. The tone is important and is decided after the audience and platform are chosen. Your content needs to look authentic to avoid rejection. 

Final Wrap 

Media campaigns are analytic-driven, and more strategic planning is involved than it appears to the outside world. Only good Digital Marketing Services in Gurgaon can assist you with the right campaign master-plan to get the highest success rates!

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