The internet world is a huge market of uncountable website pages. Acquiring numerous visitors a month can certainly boost your site rank to the top of the search options. Here, the question arises, why will the audience visit your website when there are more than millions of options available to them? 

If the above-mentioned question bothers you, donโ€™t worry. Getting millions of website visitors is not a tough nut to crack if you are well-aware of the keyword hacks.  

For effective web traffic, an excellent marketing strategy isnโ€™t needed.  One simple keyword hack is enough to hit the jackpot. However, before we delve deeper, letโ€™s see what precisely keywords are and why they are used?

Why Are Keywords Used For Your Website?

Why Are Keywords Used For Your WebsiteKeywords are those specific words, which the audience uses to search about a particular content/ topic. Hence, the writers must input relevant keywords for the desired search ranking.

What Do You Mean By Shorttail Keywords?

What Do You Mean By Short-tail KeywordsShort-tail keywords are generally a group of 1-3 words. It is just a phrase used to search for general things and not anything specific. Earlier, searching used to take place with a short-tail keyword in the process of buying online products. Even today, writers wish to target the short-tailed keywords for a better ranking of the website.

What Are Long-tail Keywords?

What Are Long-tail KeywordsWell, long-tail keywords are phrases that consist of 4-6 words and sometimes even more. However, the audience uses these keywords to narrow down the search results and look for something specific.

When To Use Short-tailed Keywords And Long-tailed Keywords?

Usually, people use short-tail keywords while searching for some general topic. On the flip side, long-tail keywords are used when the audience searches for particular results. This helps the user to narrow down their search outcomes. Hence, both are easy to access and help in achieving a high rank on the search engine. 

Now The Keyword Hack!

Now that you are well aware of the successful operations led by the long and short tail keywords, here is a keyword hack that will help you gain maximum traffic on your web page. 

First, look for keywords that are highly ranked and have fair search volume. Now that you have found it, search for the long-tail version of it and use it in your writeup or content. It will help in generating more traffic to your website automatically.

Using Keywords In The Meta Description

Using Meta Description in content also helps a web page to have a fair rank on the search engine. Google Meta Descriptions are used not just to answer queries but for indexing a web page and identifying content. However, your Meta Description needs a proper placement of the keywords in it. And, to fulfil this essential requirement, sometimes, seeking guidance from the best SEO agency in India becomes one crucial objective for digital growth aspiring brands. 

Steps Of Finding over  Millions of Visitors For Your Website:
  • You need to find the highly-ranked short-tailed keywords for productive SEO practices. First, hit over Semrush.com and create a free account. Now, all you need to do is enter your website URL and then search. While scrolling down, you will get the top keywords of your page, just pick those up and log in to the Google Console. Hence, see the ranking results of your searched terms. These two tools are extremely essential and beneficial to promote result-oriented outcomes.
  • Finding the long-tailed variation for the best ranking of your website. 
    • Again, go back to Semrush.com. Scroll down and select โ€œKeyword Magic Toolโ€. You would get the best short-tailed keywords, which would include many variations. Now, create a list of the most-wanted long-tailed keywords. This would help your site to engage more traffic.
  • Revision of your web pages, which already have a pretty good rank, would be helpful to you.

Grab hold of the top SEO agencies to get the best rank for your website as they are aware of all the hacks of receiving millions of visitors to your site.

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