Digital Marketing TrendsThe digital marketing has a real mix of the current statistics which are making news this week. The top trending news of this week will bring you all the coverage from around the world. What made news and what became trending is all on the list? ย There is online news about the latest trends which are visible in the market. The trends that can change your view on the market and some that may help you to elevate. The digital marketing has covered up every detail. The internet stats contains some really interesting and thought-provoking news regarding that.

1. Winter ย weather makes you susceptible to advertisements

The winter weather makes customers of the India more receptive to advertisements. A new study has revealed that the icy winter winds make the customers of the India more prone to sale. This is a fact which may seem to be out of context if you look at it. However, it is fully justified. As the temperature drops and the winter conditions become harsher, people tend to remain in their homes than going out. Thus if the remain in their homes, they are more susceptible to advertisements. These advertisements reach them via the internet, television or social media buzz.

Unexpectedly, the travel brands were able to reap the most profit from this. The sales jumped to around 113% which was an excellent figure for marketing and advertising firms. This creates a huge boost. Thus it implies that the external factors should be taken into consideration before creating the advertisement.

2. No formal data cleansing process

Almost, ย one-third of India organizations have no formal data clearing process. A report by the national daily suggested that most of the companies in the India have a very poor database management system. These systems have become obsolete and have lost their importance. Thus most of the manufacturers are at the risk of non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The report is based on the survey of a high number of brands and in the India. It is an estimation that approximately 43.2% of the firms run the risk of non-compliance. And almost 37.9% do not have proper format and structure for clearing the contacts of the customer.

3. Voice search results are not in alignment

The voice search results which are displayed on the Google page to make the search easier are now failing to meet the Google text snippets. It is always wondered by many the how does the Google voice is able to read all the search results. The search results which are displayed are not very specific to the Google assistant.

A simple experiment conducted for the comparative study showed that the Google voice assistant was not able to read out the result besides being provided with a featured snippet answered box on a web search. The study also showed that the Google assistant always gives a standard answer. Meanwhile, there is not a consistent match between the snippet answered box and the Google reference link. Thus Google speech quality is given the reason for such discrepancy. However, in terms of the best quality, the Wikipedia is given the highest rating.

4. More than half the population uses voice search

More than half of the users in India use the voice search. A private organization has been looking in for the results. It took a sample of around thousands of people to survey this. The survey reported that around 60% users are using voice search on their phones. On being asked that why they prefer voice search over normal search, there were many reasons. The foremost being that it is easy in comparison to the conventional google search.

With the new updates and better speech recognition system, the voice search has become apter than the normal Google search. Also, the second reason is that it is time-saving. The voice search saves plenty of time especially when you are in need of fast results. It hardly takes even less than two not thread seconds to deliver the full command. The complexity of the command is also reduced. This is because when you type the particular command it involves writing all the words correctly with proper spacing and punctuation.

A cumbersome factor is the typographical errors which occur when you type too fast and this results in unwanted search results. However, when you use the Google assistant or voice search command of any other service then the probability of any typographical or punctuation error is reduced to the minimum. The system itself guesses the possible spacing and punctuation and uses it.

5. Loyalty is driven by innovation

The top brands of the market are drawing up loyalty through various innovative techniques. ย With the aim of better understanding the customers a private firm in India survey 5000 customers. It showed the brands which are using innovation in their marketing techniques and product reach are growing at double the pace than those which are in the conventional market. Finally, the key drivers are those who are able to understand or gauge the customer requirements within the correct time span.

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