The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know

Facebook always keeps on updating its features. Sometimes its changes are accepted by all with open arms – the well-versed example being the introduction of Messenger. Whereas, sometimes they cause mass outrage as depicted when the interface is redesigned. Whenever there is something new in the works at the Facebook headquarters, it means that there are new opportunities waiting for you to get your brand ahead of your competitors as Facebook marketing is an integral part of digital marketing.ย 

Digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon focus a lot on Facebook marketing as it can help you reach out to more potential customers and retain the previous ones with your active services. Here we will tell you about the top Facebook updates you need to know in 2020.

Online events

The usefulness of Facebook’s events feature has dwindled a bit because of the pandemic as it is not exactly a great time for people to get together. So here, Facebook has smartly pivoted its event pages to help businesses host online events and even make money in the process. Business owners will be able to set a ticket price, promote their online event, collect payments, and host a digital event, all on one page. So far, trial paid events 4have included trivia, meet-and-greets, fitness courses, and lectures.ย 

However, at this point of time, a feeling of fear is in the minds of ticketing and event platforms as Facebook would not be collecting fees for any tickets sold on web or android devices. Apple’s app store will be able to sell tickets via the iOS app. There is a little bit of tussle on social media due to this as with respect to the purchases made from an iPhone app, businesses will only be able to collect 70 percent of their ticket sales due to Appleโ€™s 30 percent App Store tax.ย 

Diverse-owned business categories for Facebook business pages

Facebook has always been associated with a lot of social causes. Recently, in support of the ‘Black lives matter’ movement, Facebook dropped a $100 million in grants in support of Black-owned non-profits, businesses, and creators, earlier this summer. Now, with new diverse business labels for business pages, Facebook will carry forward the movement, thereby helping to amplify the Black people’s voices.ย 

This self-applied label allows a Business Page to identify itself as Black-owned (among other diversity categories such as women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBTQ-owned, or disability-owned), so that users can easily find them using the โ€˜Businesses Nearbyโ€™ feature. For this, your company must be at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by one or more people from a designated diversity category. However, this designation would not be mentioned on a business’s Facebook page. Page Admins can skip this optional tag, or edit or remove diversity information at any time.

Facebook portal announces new home conferencing apps coming soon

All the video calling apps have been highly used in the COVID-19 pandemic as everyone was locked in their houses. People were anxious to meet their family but due to the pandemic, they were forced to see them only on screen. Facebook’s video call tablet, portal, achieved a new relevance in this time. A few months back with the introduction of Workplace for Portal, the tool aimed to help the business community too, facilitating meetings, live streams, and remote one-on-ones.

Now, Facebook is adding a suite of business-oriented video conferencing apps to build on the portal’s new corporate applications. Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting are the apps that will be included in this new feature. Theyโ€™ll be available on Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal+.

Facebook Messenger is taking over Instagramโ€™s Direct messages

Last year, Facebook announced its plan to merge all the three- WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct Messages to use the same platform. It will be the greatest merge of all time as we will see a 3.3 billion user network under one umbrella. Digital marketing companies in Delhi will have to change their social media marketing approach due to this.

This month, Facebook is starting the mentioned transition, with Messenger taking over Instagramโ€™s private messaging tool for some users. The Direct Messages icon on Instagram will now be that of Facebook Messenger. The merger will not only allow cross-communication between Instagram and Facebook users but also allow emoji reactions and swipe-to-reply abilities. However, no confirmation has been made on when WhatsApp will join this messaging super-service.

This was all about the latest Facebook updates for your consideration. We will keep you informed about any updates that arrive in the near future.

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