Some business models are traditionally used, such as B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer). But, there have been some new business models like B2B2C eCommerce and D2C (direct to customer). Even though we know that old is gold, we still need to embrace the latest models.

It will give the business many other options by which they can promote and distribute their products so that their company can retain success in this competitive business world.

Through this article, we will try to delve deeper into the world of B2B2C Commerce, try to know about it, and understand the difference between all the business models.

What do we know about B2B2C Commerce?

B2B2C is a growing business model which can be used extensively. It involves customers using one company to buy a product from another company either via the internet or manually. In B2B2C, there is a goal, and it revolves around businesses dealing with others in the market besides the customers. The main difference between B2B and B2B2C is that in the B2B business model, it does not make you responsible for the customers, but in the case of B2B2C, you are partially responsible for the customers. Suppose, in the case of content marketing services, the B2B content marketing will involve businesses, but in B2B2C, the customers are also involved.

  • Some of the examples of B2B2C Commerce

Some of the best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon use the B2B2C E-commerce business model.

Some of the other well-known B2B2C Commerce agencies are Affirm and Casper. Here, ‘Casper’ is the first business that sells mattresses, bed frames, and other products, whereas ‘Affirm’ is the second business that helps customers pay massive sums of money in easy monthly instalments. Both these companies are working together to provide good service to the customers. Another example is grocery stores and Instacart. As we all know, buying groceries is not the only headache sometimes. We need them to be delivered to our doorstep. Instacart does the delivery of such groceries promptly.

  • What are the pros and cons of using B2B2C E-commerce?

Some pros of using B2B2C Commerce include conversion optimization as it improves the number of customers who show interest in a website. It also reduces the overhead cost with the help of the service that another business offers. The products have a better chance of getting marketed aptly.

B2B2C ECOMMERCEBoth the businesses can increase each other’s productivity and help each other to reach a massive number of customers. This model also increases the popularity of the brand amongst customers. It helps them rely on the brand more.

There are some cons as well. For example, the profit rate is way lower than conventional. You cannot use this model for all kinds of products as different products demand different marketing strategies, and you will face several challenges while marketing. Moreover, the whole business will immensely rely on the ability to negotiate, and sometimes this model might affect the brand’s credibility.

  • Which industries will be affected?

The industries under the B2B2C Commerce need to provide good quality products so that neither the big companies nor the customers can complain against them. They need to produce their products as an add-on to some other product. Internet will play a fundamental role in this because these businesses will have to attract the attention of internet-based audiences. For instance, when we buy some junk food, there are options of different soft drinks with them, the number of soft drinks companies is enormous, and the consumers get to choose from there. So, the soft drink company should please the consumers and the junk food company to keep them as an available option.

If you want a very new and exciting business model for your E-commerce business, B2B2C is the option. You will be able to reach a massive group of customers without too much acquisition cost. Isn’t it the most innovative way to do business? To create a successful B2B2C business, you need to look into primary marketplaces and apps used for booking and delivery. You can also use small organizations associated with them.

Final Takeaways

Creating a successful business is never an easy task to establish. It will be filled with challenges, and you will need to face them head-on. However, you are bound to make the correct decision with little research and study. Hopefully, all your doubts regarding B2B2C Commerce were satisfied after reading this article. Now, you will have enough knowledge to decide your lane of action. We hope you taste success in your future endeavours.

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