Meta AI Integration Begins on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook for Indian Users

As a Meta Partner Agency, we feel that this is an exciting development for tech enthusiasts and social media users in India, Meta has announced the integration of its advanced AI technology across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. This move signifies a major leap in the capabilities and user experience of these popular platforms.  Let’s delve into what this integration entails and how it promises to enhance our digital interactions.

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What Can Meta AI Do?

Meta announced its three-pronged, freemium-focused strategic plan for generative AI in September of 2023. Func-tional is an innovative chatbot that follows a wide and diverse working model, making it an all-in-one solution for users. With the help of Google search as well as Microsoft Bing, Meta AI can offer up-to-date information, and thus it can be useful for both brief searches and deeper encyclopedic studies.

It is possible to write a text or draw graphics using the application, as well as summarize a large document, and in general, users can ask the application for help with different writing problems concerning the given text such as proofreading, correcting, or translating it. It also possesses creative capabilities, where the creation of poems and stories is just but a mere process for the users.

Another notable integration is Meta AI integration into WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger as a feature in conversation arranging. This means that users can say something like: ‘Can you recommend a song?’ or ‘What should I cook for my partner?’ in the chat by writing ‘@Meta AI’. Furthermore, Meta AI is also easily accessible since the underlying Meta AI features have been added to the search bars of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger apps.

Users can separately engage with Meta AI while spending time on the Facebook main feed to know more about the posts. For example, if you find a picture with the tag ‘Northern lights Iceland,’ you can ask Meta AI the question, ‘When is the best time to see the aurora borealis?’ Likewise, observing a person play guitar might lead you to ask about some songs popular on guitar.

Meta AI’s Imagine is another pretty radical tool that generalizes the ability to make images based on text input in real time. The AI can also manipulate the images by adding new creative features to the figures, turning them into animated images, or converting them into GIF images for sharing. This feature, which is still in beta, was first deployed in WhatsApp and the Meta AI web experience in the U. S. in April as a means of highlighting Facebook’s creativity through Meta AI.

About the Meta Rollout

India plans to adopt Meta AI through Llama 3, the latest Large Language Model it developed. Meta announced that Meta AI is now free and available to users across Meta platforms and across feeds, chats, and others in India. Reddit is also accessible directly through web browsers using the web meta. ai.

As for now, Meta AI is available only in English while they do approach the idea of adding support for more languages. Meta, for instance, is keen to clarify that this new AI tool it’s presenting can easily supplement the use of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. Touted as smarter, faster, and more fun than ever before, Meta AI implies the mega platforms are going to be able to provide users with performance that has previously only been achievable with artificial intelligence.

The text-based Interaction messages in Meta AI are implemented on Llama 2 while the image generation utilities use Llama 3. For the Meta AI platform, it is necessary to upgrade the application to the latest version in order to install it in the WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger applications.

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Meta AI is platform-specific, and every platform has a type of Meta AI that fits it best. In the smartphone application WhatsApp, individuals are able to ask for suggestions or sometimes even organize things to do on upcoming vacations. In particular, it is built into the feed on Facebook and offers some detailed information on particular publications. It also has the option to create images, WhatsApp stickers, or can also modify the images that are already present.

In the course of using this tool, Meta has ensured the proper utilization of an artificial intelligence tool in today’s bullying era. The model mentioned has been trained to be friendly and halt any violent response in line with the company’s recommendations.


As an FB partner agency, we feel that the integration of Meta AI in WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook signifies the progression to smart and responsive social media platform usage across India. The integration of the latest AI technology in conjunction with the reception of daily digital communications by Meta is poised to revolutionize user experiences on their preferred platforms.

Note from Digidarts – Ads will soon be integrated with the Meta AI interface, as we closely work with Meta India, we will be sharing the latest developments around the same as when we have any updates.

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