Most of us who love to be on social media would agree when we say that Instagram is probably one of the most promising platforms, and it has a lot of active users as well. However, the one thing that has made Instagram, always, the talk of the crowd is the fact that it has been known to make very frequent updates, which has, in turn, ensured that the algorithms keep on changing as well.

Quick RepliesNumerous professional social media marketing services have also been very avid researchers, in this case, who clinch that they help you in the domain and assure that you can properly use the same. To date, Instagram did not allow you the options for quick replies, new chat themes or even music sharing! However, with the recent update, all these elements were made a roaring reality which has also received positive affirmations from most individuals who use the platform.

Understanding The Features in Depth:

There is no doubt that Instagram has infinite users, and the audience most often belongs from extremely varied types of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Right from a professional digital marketing agency to a standalone user, it is everyone’s favourite. The only thing that you need to keep in mind in this respect is that the usage of the features could be a little tricky. However, with regular use, you will be able to learn the intricacies in due course. We have tried to explain each of the features in detail:

Quick Replies:

social media marketing servicesThis feature, which Instagram has now incorporated, was long due. However, one has to keep in mind that the ‘quick reply’ is one option that helps you get back to individuals you desire to reach, in an instant. On the other hand, a great perk of the prompt reply option is that it is a very convenient message option and ensures that you do not take much time to get it done.

If you do not know where to find the ‘quick reply’ option, it is placed alongside the direct messaging option. Once you tap on that, a three-dot option allows you to access the quick reply feature. You can choose to type a quick reply in a few characters, and it is expedient. However, there is a character limit restriction so that you can type it out quickly and send it as well.

Music Sharing:

Unlike most other social media platforms, which had made music sharing an option from its inception, this feature was unavailable for Instagram users until a very long period. The music sharing tab is very creative, and it allows you to add a tune of your choice almost instantly. The best thing about music sharing on Instagram is that there are usually tons of options available, and you can choose to add your favourite tune to your photos and videos.

In most cases, there are enough renditions available as well, and depending upon your choice, you can easily select the one which works best for you. The moment your friends view your story, they will be able to hear the music, and it will consequently add a charm as well. The music-sharing option is like adding background music to your status for those who do not know your situation.

If you want to add music, then the choice is straightforward. Once you are done sharing your status, a small icon appears resembling a music note. All you need to do is tab on the note and consequently choose the tune which works best for you.

Chat Themes:

For a long time, the only chat theme available for users was to use the white wall background, which looks very dull and can be aching to the eyes. However, with the latest update from Instagram, you can easily add your very own theme, which has now been available in numerous options. Furthermore, you can also choose to add different chat themes for other people, and they do not need to be uniform at all. Sounds very interesting, right?

If you want to access the chat theme options, it is usually paced right when you tap on the chat icon for each individual. You can also choose to set nicknames, which will be visible only to you and the recipient. Adding chat themes is usually done to make your profile look more quirky, and you can also make it more interesting!


If you want to make sure that you know everything about these updates and incorporate them into your business account, it is best to get in touch with a professional marketing agency. In most cases, some agencies specialise in the domain of content marketing strategy and will be able to help you with the best ideas. Be a bit aware of what the update is, and there are sometimes proficient users who will teach you to administer the updates better.