How Team Digidarts Adapted to Ever-Evolving WFH Norms

The pandemic has usurped the way in which established socio-cultural systems work, which involves entire business processes and collaboration tactics. Scores of organizations have shifted to the notion of the ‘new normal’ – working from home. As a seminal digital marketing firm in the country, we took it upon ourselves to navigate WFH norms in ways that are effective, holistic, and inclusive. Here’s how Team Digidarts has adapted to ever-evolving WFH norms since the onset of the pandemic.

We Implemented More Streamlined Processes

It has been wonderful how our cross-functional teams have found ways for fruitful collaboration, despite spatial barriers. Weekly team meeting and standups allowed us to glean individual and team ideas, which contributed to the structuring of processes that are more agile and streamlined. Due to these efforts, we were able to achieve:

  • Reduced turn-around time for high-priority tasks 
  • Greater team coordination and communication 
  • Disruption-free execution of real-time tasks

We Implemented More Streamlined ProcessesWe Took Key Initiatives To Help Smaller Businesses

Keeping the struggles of promising startups in mind, we decided to initiate a No-Cost ASO Upgrade Programme, wherein we handpicked a set number of apps made in India and offered ASO-enhanced Playstore listings that were free-of-cost. This initiative led to:

  • 100% more visibility across Google Network for chosen apps
  • Up to 3x rise in organic traffic
  • Enhanced click-to-conversion ratio across marketing channels.

We Acquired Digital Mandates for Leading Brands

Businesses have been experiencing a slippery-slope amid the current scenario, wherein the economy has plummeted like never before. Despite facing similar hurdles, Team Digidarts was able to acquire digital mandates for leading e-commerce brands, namely Vogo and Dealshare. Needless to say, this has been made possible due to :

  • Constant and consistent efforts of our cross-functional teams 
  • Remodelled pitch strategies that cater to evolving business needs in the pandemic stage
  • Our deep and empathy-driven understanding of the needs of the Indian audience

We Worked on Upskilling, As a Team

We Worked on Upskilling, As a TeamDuring the initial phases of the lockdown, we decided to work on individual growth in order to emerge as a better, stronger team by the end of the ordeal. This was made possible via company-endorsed skill courses online, which were taken by multiple individuals in the organization to hone existing soft skills, build acumen in certain areas, and level up areas of expertise. This experience led to:

  • Relevant upskilling that ultimately led to improved strategies 
  • Knowledge expansion and application in respective areas 
  • A better understanding among us, as individual contributors and team players

We Battled Ups and Downs, Together

In lieu of our pre-lockdown Thursday Treats [something we wholeheartedly miss!], we held weekly team-building activities that were engaging and fun as a whole. Apart from participating in seminars about specialized skills and productivity, we also took part in art therapy sessions, team pep talks, after-hours jamming sessions, and yes, the good old singing Bollywood songs in unison! These activities allowed us to:

  • Stay grounded as individuals navigating a difficult post-COVID scenario 
  • Connect with one another on a humbling and authentic level 
  • Impart comfort and spread joy amongst ourselves during tough times

We Battled Ups and Downs, TogetherWith the current scenario being unpredictable, and cases still being on the rise, we continue to emphasize safety and remote working in ways that are spearheaded towards holistic growth and well-being. While we don’t know what the future holds, we plan to continue adapting to the new normal and achieving greater milestones while practising empathy. We, the Digidarts Family, wish you all the luck for the near future!

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