Believe it or not, but the marketing funnel is still relevant to todayโ€™s consumer buying process. Most of the digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR offer marketing funnel services where the digital experts assist you to plan and execute a perfect marketing strategy for your business. But what does this term- โ€˜marketing funnelโ€™ actually mean? Here, we bring you an ideal overview of the marketing funnel, its meaning, how it works and why you need it for your business to make it stand out from the rest. Keep on reading. 

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

The term marketing funnel is the process of converting leads into customers from a marketing (and sales) standpoint. The main objective behind this marketing tactic is marketers, like a funnel that casts a wide net to gather as many leads as possible, then nurture prospective consumers through the purchasing decision. It further narrows down candidates at each stage of the funnel. 

How Marketing Funnel Works

How Marketing Funnel WorksLet us walk you through the marketing funnel step-by-step so you understand how it works completely.

The marketing funnel is categorized into three main sectors- Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Sales.

Lead Generation (Awareness): Do consumer research and organize marketing campaigns, events, social media, and more.

Lead Nurture ( Interest & Consideration):
  • Lead NurtureIncrease audience engagement and pitch introduction for brand positioning.
  • Determining target audience.
  • Provide product information and specials.
  • Organize automated email campaigns, free trials, case studies, and more.
  • Do product demos and shopping carts.
  • Try to sell the product or service.
Sales (Purchase):
  • Pitch product USPs. 
  • The sales transaction is completed.

The very first step in the marketing funnel process is awareness. Marketing campaigns, as well as consumer research, bring potential customers into this stage. It includes various actions such as organizing events, advertising, social media campaigns, and other marketing tactics to build trust among the audience. So this is where lead generation takes place, where the data is gathered to further the customer further. 


After leads are generated, the next process is to generate interest among the audience. Under this methodology, brands use the opportunity to build relationships with the people in their lead database and unveil their positioning. 


Under the consideration stage, leads get converted into marketing qualified leads and are often seen as prospective customers. Promoters can provide more information about products to the prospects and offer through automated email campaigns while continuing to nurture them with free trials, targeted content, and more.


Under the intent strategy, the prospects are supposed to show that they are interested in purchasing a brand’s product. This can happen during a survey, following a product demo, or after a product is added to an e-commerce website’s shopping cart. This is a chance for marketers to create a compelling case for why their product is the best option for a customer.


Now, here comes the part where buyers make a final decision on whether they would purchase their product or service or not. In most cases, marketing and sales usually collaborate closely to guide the customer through the decision-making process. This tactic enables them to persuade the customers that their brand’s product is the best option to purchase. 


So now, youโ€™re finally here! This is, however, the final stage of the marketing funnel, where the visitor decides to finally buy the product or service and becomes a customer. This is where the purchase transaction is handled by sales. Under this process, it leads to a positive buyer experience that can further lead to referrals. It will then feed the top of the marketing funnel, and this process continues.

How Does Marketing Funnel Differ From B2B and B2C Brands

Take a look below to better understand how the marketing funnel differs for B2B and B2C brands.

  • Most B2C consumers go through the funnel with a small group of trusted advisors (generally friends and family), but B2B consumers normally have a bigger and cross-departmental buying group.
  • B2C consumers may never speak with a company representative, particularly on E-commerce platforms, but B2B consumers often speak with a sales professional. 
How Customer Experience Funnel Works

Here we have explained the major steps of the customer experience below.

  • Repeat: The next step after a customer makes a purchase is to turn them into a recurring customer. This entails increasing customer retention and nurturing them to make more and more purchases.
  • Loyalty- Customers started liking the brand during the loyalty stage. This is where engagement comes into play, and through community development, engagement, and outreach, marketers play a major role in developing the personal connection with a brand.
  • Referral- Customers that are loyal to a brand are more inclined to make business recommendations and suggest the brand’s products.
  • Advocacy- The ultimate evolution for nurturing current customers is to turn them into advocates. Writing product reviews, commenting about things on social media, and other forms of evangelism can assist your marketing funnel to generate more new leads and eventually drive more revenue to the business. 

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