10 Social media Marketing Techniques for 2016

Social Media Marketing TechniquesWhile the market demands and stocks and various other business related problems are keeping you occupied so where is the time to log-on to Social Media sites and get in touch with your beloved customers. Well, a smart entrepreneur will know that investing in these social networking sites can prove to be very profitable. So, become a smart businessman and follow these in the upcoming 2016

  1. Be Online: Your presence virtually is of prime importance. All you need to do is be online and create account on various social networking sites for your company. Also, link your own website with various social networking sites in order to give easy access to your customers.
  2. Trim your content: On your website/blog you may publish various product/service related content. But across various different social networking sites you will need to alter the content. For example, if you are promoting your product/service across platform such as Instagram then you must use more of graphic images than content to convey your message.
  3. Be a story teller: While social media marketing may be provide a very large platform to sell your product but selling your product directly will do no good. Instead you need to take a new approach. People on social media like Facebook are looking for interesting stories. So use this thing to work in your favour.
  4. Share more Graphic content: Audio-visual graphic content will get you more attention than mere words. Use more promotional videos and advertisements to promote your business. The benefit from such type of promotion is that you can target your customers based on various factors such as gender, age etc.
  5. Contests and promotional activities: Well, customers will be only interested in you till your company is fun. And throwing contests and challenges for your targeted customers will get more attention to your product/service. And this should be done more often to get more and more people involved.
  6. Give out Freebies: Yeah! Customers love to get free stuff. Get them to do the promotion for you in exchange of free gifts. Or throw up good sale discount on popular items. This can help you clear out a lot of pending stock through sale.
  7. Be a bit Educational: Researchers have found that providing educational content along with your content on various social networking sites gets a better audience for your product/service. In fact distributing educational content on oneโ€™s website is a very effective strategy to gain more exposure for oneโ€™s business.
  8. Social Media is on Mobile, so should be you! All major social networking sites have admitted that most of their users are using the sites on mobile phones. Hence, it is important to make a marked presence on mobile apps. Make sure you have good ties with the mobile giants and apps and get an exposure to wider audience.
  9. Social listening is vital: Keep in touch with the latest trends and tactics, this is social listening. Being aware of the important key-words and key-topics is very important. If you know what your targeted audience is demanding then you can alter your promotional techniques accordingly.
  10. Respond to Customerโ€™s Queries, Comments and Compliments: The sole purpose of social media in business is to connect to your customers in a better way. And therefore it is important to respond to their comments and queries on time and be prompt in doing so. This will gain more trust in the hearts of your customers