a recluse

plants seeds of weeping willows within the confines of his canary-yellow walls

entrapped by the beauty of luminescent fireflies during ungodly hours

mother bends over to slice poisoned apples and shrivelled berries

while nurturing the undead slowly back to life.

a madwoman

writes erratic letters to an Icelandic poet,

who speaks of misery; and unearthly gyrations in untouched fields.

like poetry lost in translation,

the overbearing fragrance of frangipanis at nightfall drove the lover away.

a noxious tussle for the ages, Apollo, and a wilted sunflower.

About Debopriyaa:ย 

Wildly passionate about poetry and cinema. Maddened by the idea of beauty.

Steeped in bleak nihilism & idealistic hope at the same time, Debopriyaa believes that art, & only art,ย  has the power to heal, disrupt, & transform.