I have no clues as to how I should explain what fear is, I guess it does also depend upon perceptions. The cliche of the day, however, is “The greatest fear is fear itself” which might point what it is that fear signifies for us. A few days back a video of Will Smith was doing rounds on social media. He tries to explain “The greatest things in life are put behind the point of maximum fear and danger “. Now that Will Smith has said so, we have to follow it and preach to other people now, even if we knew it beforehand, right?

While every motivational talk is awesome and kudos to the people who make uplifting content like the one I watched. The execution of the facing fears isn’t as easy as portrayed in larger than life videos, I’m sorry, it’s not, I too wish it was as easy.

It’s easy to create a bubble or wall around ourselves to protect us from facing our fears and hardships, everyone tends to do it in small amounts or large (Well, at least I am guilty of this). Anyone who has had a conversation with me for more than a few days will realize an air of gloom and distance even though I will be talking about stupid stuff or trying to make the other person laugh(I said “try”). This bubble or wall misleads us into a false sense of security. After some time of thoughts in isolation, I do have a way of justifying to myself why closing ourselves off is much worse than facing the fears (We all know its true, but we do always need justifications).

The justification I could come up with is, if I am in a bubble (false sense of security), I am taking in those fears and hardships with me along in the bubble(Your fears and hardships don’t just disappear). The bubble only has so much power to get you through those fears and insecurities and hardships. We only go through so much because the false sense of security is there to support us when we fall. There comes a time, however, when the bubble takes you to a very high sense of security but it can’t take the pressure of fear inside anymore, so it breaks, exposing you to all those fears and hardships without any support and therein comes the fall (the “worst” time of your life).

About Hardik:

I am happy to say that if you are reading this, you survived every fall till now, be happy. I think I did just survive a big fall myself a few days back, many people do not make it at all after a fall in their lives. We do need to take falls to understand the true meaning of happiness and good times. So raise a toast to yourself for surviving the falls in life till now, It’s valuable, be grateful.